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Greetings, Space Sleuth!

Thanks for accepting this assignment. Parnell is a good reporter, but he's a bit green in the space travel business. We need to keep an eye on him. As we send you his reports, pay close attention to what he says. Although the shuttlecraft's controls and instructions are pretty simple, it's possible that he'll misunderstand what he is seeing or might not take the correct action should the need arise.

The shuttlecraft is not equipped for extensive scientific observations and analysis, so you'll have to do the best you can with the limited equipment at Parnell's disposal. He has an optical telescope which allows him to view astronomical objects. He also has a set of old style gravity probes. The probes can sense the total gravity of objects around them. Parnell also has basic environmental controls, like temperature inside the shuttlecraft, atmosphere, radiation shielding and the like. Be sure to keep an eye on the radiation monitor in particular.

Good luck with this assigment. Parnell is beloved by billions, and it's critical to Space Command that he stays safe. Good luck, and good space sleuthing!

-Captain Andromeda