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These are the National Science Education Standards that the Solar Supernova game meets as well as the grade levels associated with the individual standards.

Unifying Concepts and Processes Standard (9-12)

  • Systems, order, and organization
  • Evidence, models, and explanation
  • Change, constancy, and measurement
  • Evolution and equilibrium
  • Form and function

Science as Inquiry Standards (9-12)

  • Understanding of scientific concepts
  • An appreciation of "how we know" what we know in science
  • Understanding the nature of science
  • Skills necessary to become independent inquirers about the natural world.

Physical Science Standards

  • Structure and properties of matter (9-12)
  • Conservation of energy and increase in disorder (9-12)
  • Interactions of energy and matter (9-12)

Earth and Space Science Standards

  • Origin and evolution of the universe (9-12)

History and Nature of Science Standards

  • Science as a human endeavor (9-12)
  • Nature of scientific knowledge (9-12)